Memorial Candle with personalised label and ribbon detail.

Memorial Candles are a meaningful and symbolic way to remember loved ones who have passed on. Personalise a memorial candle with the details to represent and remember cherished and never-forgotten loved ones.


Inspire Me Candles create beautiful memorial candles that add to the love and intimacy of these important events. Just select from one of our designs and input your personalised requirements (or send us your own custom design) and we will send them to you in time for the memorial.

Our candle size is 23cm x 7cm. (please note this is for the Main Candle, if you require matching taper candles please purchase this listing also, and we will personalise and match them to suit.)

Our Remembrance candles are personalised and details will be collected on checkout - Please complete details.

Once we have your order, we will send you a digital proof for approval within 1 days of purchase. 

You can change the theme of the candle, and if have something in mind, we can design a candle to your personal details. Please email us your requests to

Please note, text and images are not directly printed on the candle they are created on transparent film and firmly attached to the candle.

Memorial Candle, Pillar Candle, Remembrance Candle

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