'Celebrate Dad' this Father's Day with our beautiful line drawing editions .A continuous line drawing representing the unconditional love of a Father and Child - or Grandfather and Child.


Finished in a simplistic yet modern frame to suit all decor.


Order now for Father's Day or your momentus ocassion.



  • 1 x Black, White or Natural Wooden Frame - Select from two sizes
  1. 16" x 20" (327mm W x 430mm H x 23mm D) or
  2. 12" x 16" (430mm W x 533mm H x 23mm D)


  • Your selected Line Drawing -
  1. Father figure & Child Walking
  2. Father figure & Child Playing Guitar
  3. Father figure & Child being held


Please let us know if you order is urgent.


Father's Day Print - Father & Child Line Drawing